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World Neighbors Cafe

Gather to enjoy the world flavors. ひとりごはんからシェアして食べる料理はもちろん世界の食卓が感じられる『ネイバーズメニュー』をご用意。様々な国籍が集まるからこそ、料理で多彩な会話のシーンを演出します。

World Neighbors Café is a gathering place for those who are residents of social apartment and live in local town. There are various type of seating such as table seating, and box seating with complete wifi capabilities enabling you to use in scenes from casual talking from business meeting as well as simply relaxing on your own.

An menu has been prepared that lets you experience the world dining, using WORLD FLAVORS as its concept. An abundant menu has been assembled which includes recommended set meal menus, homemade sweets, and a side menu which can be enjoyed with alcohol. You can use for any situation as one pleases, such as a café for lunch or to light-heartedly enjoy tea and sweets, as a dining room to slowly enjoy meals, or as a lounge in which you can socialize with alcohol in hand.


Name店名 ワールドネイバーズカフェ WORLD NEIGHBORS CAFE
Adress所在地 東京都文京区大塚4-45-9 4-45-9 Otsuka Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Acessアクセス 有楽町線「護国寺」駅 徒歩6分
丸ノ内線「新大塚」駅 徒歩6分
丸ノ内線「茗荷谷」駅 徒歩8分
JR山手線「大塚」駅 徒歩14分
三田線「千石」駅 徒歩16分
6mins from Gokokuji sta., Metro Yurakucho Line
6mins from Shin-otsuka sta., Metro Marunouchi Line
8mins from Myogadani sta., Metro Marunouchi Line
14mins from Otsuka sta., JR Yamanote Line
16mins from Sengoku sta., Metro Mita Line
Seats席数 41席 41 Seats
Facilities設備 全席禁煙/Wi-Fi/キッズチェア/
NO SMOKING/Wi-Fi/kids chair/
※Please inquire for the details.