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Social Apartment

Absolutely foreigner friendly. 例えば左のお隣さんはアメリカ人、右のお隣さんはドイツ人。世界が身近に感じる日常が待ってます。

SOCIAL APARTMENT has been providing a new lifestyle that you can enjoy socializing in the lounge equipped in apartments.

A grand new social apartment located in Gokokuji Bunkyo-ku will further attract foreigners by providing more flexible accommodation style available from 1month stay, to generate enormous worldwide neighbor community.

On the 1st floor, there will be a cafe called "WORLD NEIGHBORS CAFE" that not only residents can use but friends of residents and local neighbors can gather and have a coffee and drink. WOLRD NEIGHBORS CAFE offers quality food and drink as well as warm hospitality with casual prices to enrich your everyday life. We strongly believe here will be your ideal 3rd space.

WORLD NEIGHBORS will bring you significant change in lifestyle that your social network becomes far broaden to make your life in Japan fruitful and memorable.


  • PRIVATE LOUNGE (プライベートラウンジ)

    Private lounge, exclusively open to residents, complete with 60inch flat-screen TV and surrounding speaker system is the hub of the community at social apartment.
  • COMMON KITCHEN (共用キッチン)

    There is a self-style common kitchen so that you can enjoy cooking as well as enjoying food hospitality service at World Neighbors Café.
  • BAR LOUNGE (バーラウンジ)

    Mid-Century tasted bar lounge has a pool table as a highlight equipment of the space. Imagine how fun you can play pooling anytime in your everyday life.
  • WORKING LOUNGE (ワーキングラウンジ)

    Comfortable working lounge located on the basement floor is complete with Wi-Fi and a copy machine. Just come down if you feel like concentrating on something.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM (多目的スペース)

    How you use the Multi-purpose room is completely up to you. Various use from exercising like yoga or pilates to seminar or workshop.
  • ROOF-TOP BALCONY (ルーフトップバルコニー)

    There is a roof-top balcony on the 9th floor. You can enjoy the wide screen view as well as Tokyo Sky Tree from the balcony.

    There is both furnished/unfurnished rooms available so that you can choose depending on your lifestyle.


Deposit敷金・保証金 112,800円
Key money礼金 0円 0円 0円
Brokerage fee仲介手数料 0円 0円 0円
Total initial payment初期費用合計 112,800円 98,800円 94,800円

Rent賃料 92,000円 78,000円 74,000円
Service charge管理費 10,000円 10,000円 10,000円
Utility (fixed charge)水道光熱費(固定) 10,800円 10,800円 10,800円
Fire insurance火災保険料 500円 500円 500円
Monthly total月額費用合計 113,300円 99,300円 95,300円

※ Deposit will be refunded after deducting cleaning fee of 30,000yen+TAX.
※ At the time of re-contract, re-contract fee of 15,000yen+TAX will be charged for 1 year and 2 year contract plan.
※ You will be charged 1 month of monthly total if you leave within 1 year for 1-year contract plan.
You will be charged 2 months of monthly total if you leave within 2 years for 2-year contract plan.
※ All the cost must be paid through a designated guarantee company.
※ You can not carry over the un-consumed café credit. Excess use will be paid in cash.



Name店名 ワールドネイバーズ護国寺 WORLD NEIGHBORS Gokokuji
Adress所在地 東京都文京区大塚4-45-9 4-45-9 Otsuka Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Acessアクセス 有楽町線「護国寺」駅 徒歩6分
丸ノ内線「新大塚」駅 徒歩6分
丸ノ内線「茗荷谷」駅 徒歩8分
JR山手線「大塚」駅 徒歩14分
三田線「千石」駅 徒歩16分
6mins from Gokokuji sta., Metro Yurakucho Line
6mins from Shin-otsuka sta., Metro Marunouchi Line
8mins from Myogadani sta., Metro Marunouchi Line
14mins from Otsuka sta., JR Yamanote Line
16mins from Sengoku sta., Metro Mita Line
Seats席数 41席 41 Seats
Facilities設備 全席禁煙/Wi-Fi/キッズチェア/オムツ交換台/party planあり/飲み放題プランあり
NO SMOKING/Wi-Fi/kids chair/changing table/party plan/all-you-can-drink plan
※Please inquire for the details.